ROPEROS S.R.L. Clothing

Sector 3, Str. Burniței nr.24, etaz 1, Biroul nr.118, Bucuresti Bucuresti, Romania

ROPEROS S.R.L. is the new arrival in the family of companies owned by the Constantinou Group. The company is active in Romania, and belongs to the sectors of Retail & Wholesale (Clothing). Since 2016, it has been collaborating, as a franchisee, with the famous clothing brand United Colors of Benetton, through a brand store in the Park Lake shopping mall, in Bucharest. The main objective of the company and of the Group is to open Benetton stores in other locations within Bucharest and Romania in general, and to collaborate with more of the sector’s brands.

  • Benetton nowadays is one of the most renowned fashion companies in the world. It is a brand which designs for the future and lives in the now, with an observant look towards the environment, human dignity and the ever-changing society. Benetton has an established identity which is characterized by the color, authentic fashion, quality at democratic prices and its passion for work.

    ROPEROS S.R.L. took on the franchise of the store at the Park Lake shopping mall, in Bucharest, in 2016, aiming at the overall expansion of the chain stores in Romania 

    Strada Liviu Rebreanu 4, PARKLAKE - level 0,
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